Course of Construction

Historic Treatment Specialist

The MSC team can provide on-site review, oversight and inspection to keep a preservation or restoration project in compliance. The MSC team is an experienced firm regularly engaged in historic treatments similar in nature, materials, and design. Our decades of experience extends to any restoration, preservation or rehabilitation project. MSC has successfully executed all forms of historic work for over 37 years as a preservation general contractor. All services are compliant with the entire specification section of the Historic Treatment Procedures #013591.

Change Order Review

The MSC team can provide review and comment on Change Orders submitted by acting contractors. This is to provide oversight and determine if a request for change has merit.

On-Site Troubleshooting

Upon request MSC can visit a project and assist in troubleshooting any situation. In our 37 years as a preservation contractor our team has encountered many challenging conditions. We can provide input on how to solve any problem or condition.

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