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Welcome to the MSC Video Gallery! We are proud to showcase an array of beautiful and historic construction projects! Each video encapsulates the dedication, innovation, and craftsmanship that define the values of MSC. Join us as we reminisce about some of our previous projects that have earned MSC many awards and praise from the restoration industry.

Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park Stable Rehabilitation Project

Video Credit: @CityofCarlsbadCA

Mark Sauer Construction Inc. (MSC) was the historic preservation contractor executing the restoration of the Leo Carrillo Stable and recreation of the Chicken Coop.  MSC team members preformed all the historic restoration for this project.  That included but not limited to, seismic retrofit of the Stable, finish carpentry at the Stable and Chicken Coop, door and window restoration, adobe and plaster repairs, tile and stone restoration.

Breed Street Shul – Living Legacies Productions

Video Credit: @ekzutube

During the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, when Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles had the largest Jewish community in the Western United States, the Breed Street Shul was known as the “Queen of the Shuls,” because it was so grand. Eventually, as the Jewish population left “The Heights,” the Breed Street Shul fell into disrepair and was threatened with demolition. Ellie Kahn’s film depicts the life and the new beginnings of the Breed Street Shul. As in Kahn’s award winning film, “Meet Me at Brooklyn & Soto,” (about the Jewish Community in East L.A. and produced with the Jewish Historical Society) history is captured through the unique, colorful and fascinating stories and memories of former residents who lived and celebrate that history.

Walker House – 2010 Preservation Awards

Video Credit: @laconservancy

Walker House
121 N. San Dimas Avenue, San Dimas

Designed by Samuel and Joseph Cather Newsom, the Queen Anne-style San Dimas Hotel was built in 1887 along the Santa Fe Railway to attract migrants from back east. The economic boom went bust, and the building never opened as a hotel. Instead, it served as home to the family of James W. Walker from 1889 through the 1970s. It operated as a restaurant for years, then fell into decline and suffered two decades of neglect and earthquake damage. The City of San Dimas stepped up, purchasing the property and rehabilitating it into a mixed-use community facility. This beautiful, significant landmark came back from the brink to serve as a vital asset and source of civic pride, while keeping the authentic patina of a century-old landmark.

Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead – 2011 Governor’s Historic Preservation Awards

Video Credit: @calshpo

Video about the project to reconstruct and restore the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead, one of the 2011 winners of the California Governor’s Historic Preservation Awards.

Sikes Adobe Rebirth

Video Credit: @countysandiego

The newly restored Sikes Adobe Farmhouse is open after three years of rebuilding and getting some help from the County. The original walls of the northern portion of the house are made of adobe.

Warner-Carrillo Adobe Ranch House and Barn

Video Credit: @calshpo

This video is about the rehabilitation of the Warner-Carrillo Adobe Ranch House and Barn in San Diego County, which received a 2012 California Governor’s Historic Preservation Award.

Leo Carrillo Ranch Barn Stabilization and Restoration

Video Credit: @calshpo

This video is about the project to stabilize and restore the barn at Leo Carrillo’s ranch in Carlsbad, Rancho de los Quiotes. The project received a 2012 California Governor’s Historic Preservation Award.

Sikes Adobe Farmhouse Renovation

Video Credit: @SuzanneBartole

The Sikes Adobe farmhouse was built in 1872. This video documents the renovation process from April 2003-January 2004.

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