Construction Consulting Services

MSC provides construction consulting services for any structure that is 50 years old or greater. Our passion is the preservation of historic structures. All construction types; wood, masonry, rammed earth and adobe. Our consulting service is based on over 37 years as a preservation contractor with more than 100 projects completed on the State or National Register of Historic Places.

Upon request, MSC will visit the customer’s site and perform a review. This starts with listening to the customer’s concerns and plans for possible construction projects. We will walk the site with the owner or owner’s representative and share our observations.

If requested MSC will follow the site visit with a report covering all aspects of what was discussed and observed during the site visit. Photos, recommendations, products, means and methods and referrals will be included in the report.

Additionally, upon request, MSC can provide a rough order of magnitude for cost of construction.

With our extensive experience the MSC team understands that work on historic and unique structures can lead to discovery of unknown conditions. We strive to identify Areas of Risk to get ahead of problematic conditions. This helps with forward planning and budgeting.

The MSC team can assist in planning and prioritizing tasks that are coordinated with the customer’s budget. We believe that structures should be structurally sound and watertight, first. Architectural and preservation features will follow.

MSC is a strong believer in ongoing maintenance. It is much less costly to invest in maintenance than allowing a structure to deteriorate and require repairs do to deferred maintenance.

MSC has created numerous maintenance programs. Our team can assist in establishing an assessment procedure plan, record keeping, scheduling and prioritize critical tasks.

Preservation work often requires unique materials. Through our extensive experience MSC has a portfolio of proper materials required to execute restoration tasks.

Compliance with the Secretary of the Interior Standards requires proper procedures be taken as part of any historic project. With over 37 years as a preservation contractor the MSC team can provide recommendations on how to remain in compliance.



Scope Development

Design Team Selection Process

Constructability Review

RFP Development

Potential Bidder Selection

Pre-Bid Job Walk and Project Presentation


Course of Construction

Historic Treatment Specialist

Change Order Review

On-Site Troubleshooting


Post Construction

Close-Out Review

Punch List Review and Coordination


Construction Defect Consulting

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