Scope Development

MSC can assist in establishing the scope of work. Often projects are split up into phases. This may be due to funding, or regulatory requirements. It is critical to have a clear scope of work to receive the most responsible proposal from qualified contractors.

Design Team Selection Process

MSC can assist in the selection of design team members. Establishing a competent design team will provide a solid foundation for a successful project. MSC can refer professionals we have worked with over many years.

Constructability Review

This is an often-missed component in the development of construction documents. Contractors view construction documents from a different perspective than design professionals. Plans can be drawn and specifications can be written, but the question exists; “can this be reasonably executed”. MSC can provide a thorough review of the construction documents in the Design/Development phase through the For-Construction phase. This will greatly assist in producing the best opportunities to receive qualified bids from professional contractors.

RFP Development

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a critical step to receiving competent bids from qualified contractors. The RFP details the project and provides clear direction from start to finish. Receiving an RFP indicates that the client values quality, professionalism, and competitive pricing in selecting a contractor to bring their construction project to fruition. Let our decades of experience assist you with comprehensive documentation strategies to help save time and money.

Potential Bidder Selection

MSC can assist in pre-qualifying potential bidders. Execution of a historic restoration or preservation project requires experienced contractors.

Pre-Bid Job Walk and Project Presentation

The pre-bid job walk is a critical component to receiving competent bids. The MSC team has attended 100’s of pre-bid, job walks. Often contractors have reviewed the construction documents on a limited basis prior to the job walk. Presenting the project on the site will create a visual understanding when the bidder reviews the construction documents and begins to develop their proposals. The job walk also provides an opportunity to identify special site conditions and generate initial Request for Information (RFI) submittals.

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