Balboa Park Carousel

Project Name: Balboa Park Carousel
Project Owner: Forever Balboa
Project Location: Balboa Park San Diego
Year Completed: 2023

Project Description

Structural Repairs to the wood structure that surrounds the Historic Carousel.


The Carousel was built by Herschell-Spillman Co. in North Tonawanda, New York and placed in Luna Park, Los Angeles in 1910.  In 1913 the Carousel was moved to Coronado’s Tent City.  The Carousel was moved once again in 1922 to San Diego’s Balboa Park.  Most if not all parts of the surrounding wood structure were numbered for reassembly.  Over time fatigue took over and the building began to move outward.  The repair approach was to remove, stabilize the clear story window panels and reinstall new clear story framing with restored windows.  To replace the clear story panels the engineering design called for installation of stranded wire cable system.  Intricately installed rectangle patterns of cables were installed and in sequence these cables were tightened to provide temporary stabilization.  The clear story panels were removed and reinstalled one at a time.  All this work was executed above the historic carousel.  Upon completion the project was returned to Balboa Park and Balboa Forever.  The public once again was able to enjoy this important historic site.  The project was completed in time for a grand opening on National Carousel Day.