Estancia Adobe

Project Name: Estancia Adobe – Diego Sepulveda Adobe
Project Owner: City of Costa Mesa
Project Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Year Completed: 2012

Project Description

The City of Costa Mesa contacted MSC to perform corrective work to the exterior. Over time inappropriate repair attempts were made to the adobe block. MSC removed all the cement patch work and applied Naturally Hydrated Lime Plaster (NHL). Our craftsman built out the damaged areas and shaped the new NHL to match the historic adobe block. A sacrificial coat of latex paint was applied.


In the early 1800s, when the Capistrano cattle grazed in what is now Costa Mesa, provision had to be made to shelter the herdsmen. Possibly as early as 1817, but more likely between 1820 and 1823, a small adobe was built to house the majordomo and his men. The large “mission” bricks of this first structure were found in the east and south walls. As the Mission Period passed, the old Spanish land grants were partitioned and the Estancia became the property of Don Diego Sepulveda, a former alcalde of the Pueblo de Los Angeles. The adobe assumed its present shape during the Sepulveda tenancy.