Osuna Adobe

Project Name: Osuna Adobe
Project Owner: Rancho Santa Fe Association
Project Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Year Completed: 2012

Project Description

The work began with the removal on non-historic cement plaster from the exterior. The project was designed to make repairs to the adobe wall and to apply a new adobe plaster with a white wash finish. Upon removal of the cement plaster MSC discovered that the lintels over the doors and windows were either seriously fatigued or missing all together. After consulting with a structural engineer MSC shored each opening and installed new wood logs similar to the original construction. Once this was done the plaster and finish work on the adobe walls could be completed.


The Osuna adobe is one of the oldest in California. Built during the early 1830s and is situated in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe. The adobe stands as a historic link and exemplar of California’s political, military, and architectural history during the Spanish, Mexican and American periods.